Free Crochet Pattern! Bullet Bill

1-Bullet Bill

Here’s a free crochet pattern to make your very own Bullet Bill!

Needed materials to make this item:
– crochet hook, size G (6) / 4.0mm
– yarn type: black (500m/550yd), white
(55m/70yd), grey (7m/8yd)
– tapestry/sewing needle
– fiberfill
Needed skills to make this item:
– magic ring
– chain stitches
– slip stitches
– single crochet
– increasing and decreasing
– basic sewing skills

Overall skill level: advanced beginner.

Size of finished item:
When made with the described yarn and hook size, the
bullet will become about 16”/35cm in length.

Click here to download the pattern, or click here to add it to your pattern library on Ravelry.

2-Bullet Bill 3-Bullet Bill


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