Click on a picture below of a crochet pattern you like!

All patterns listed below are available for purchase through my Etsy store, or on Ravelry or Craftsy. Some are free, like the Totoro pattern.

The patterns listed below are written in English using US crochet terminology. The pattern description is written using abbreviations; there’s an extensive list included to explain all abbreviations used.

cirkel-balloonpoodlecirkel-balloondogcirkelzeestercirkel-turtlefatcatcirkel-polarbear cirkel-teddybear cirkel-owlpillow cirkel-fishsetcirkel-lobsterchef cirkel-elephantpillowcirkel-cockroach cirkel-kraken cirkel-ant cirkel-babypenguin cirkel-penguinset cirkel-penguin cirkel-elephant cirkel-piglet cirkel-mexicrab cirkel-jageruil cirkel-squid cirkel-teddyheartcirkel-blackcat cirkel-spincirkel-octopussir cirkel-bumblebee cirkel-ladybugcirkel-duckcirkel-tiger cirkel-raven cirkel-mole cirkel-tweety cirkel-spincirkel-hencirkel-koala cirkel-vladthebat cirkel-snowyowl cirkel-chameleon cirkel-caterpillar cirkel-bunnykreeftendolphincirkel-fish cirkel-mouse whale frogprincecrochet-clownfish-crochet-nemocrochet-ravencirkel-totoro

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