Crochet pattern: Poo


Well, this is a stinky situation… Create your own poo now in a different way: use crochet!

Scare the sh*t out of people with this lovely pile of poo made from this crochet pattern, or use it as a cat or dog toy. The possibilities are endless!

Needed to make this sh*t:
– a 4mm crochet needle
– approximately 50 grams of chunky brown yarn, category 5 of the standard weight yarn system
– a little bit of filling material, not even one hand full in total

The crochet pattern is very easy, there are no difficult stitches you need to master! Also, sewing skills are not required!

Needed skills to crochet this item:
– increasing and decreasing stitches
– magic ring
– slip stitches
– single crochets
And that’s it!

The pattern is written in English using US crochet terminology. The pattern description is written using abbreviations; there’s an extensive list included to explain all abbreviations used. There are also a lot of detailed pictures included to guide you through the pattern.

Skill level: beginner.

Buy now!

Click on ‘Buy Now’ to order this PDF pattern right away, for only $5.99! After you’ve placed your order, your pattern will be emailed automatically to the email address linked to your PayPal account.

You can also purchase this pattern in my Etsy store, or on Ravelry.

Please note: This pattern is protected by copyright. It is not allowed to copy (parts of) the pattern, reuse it or parts of it in other patterns, resell it or spread it without written permission of The Flying Dutchman Crochet Design.


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2 Responses to Crochet pattern: Poo

  1. Brenda says:

    What are you supposed to do on row 6? Are you actually making 7 SC total? Same for rows 14, 19& 29.

    • Joyce says:

      Hi Brenda!
      Thanks for contacting me. 🙂
      What you do at those steps is that you basically shift the beginning point of the rounds. So, for those steps you don’t crochet an entire round of sc, but just a couple sc, and move the stitch marker/beginning point of the round to said point.
      Then you just continue to work on the following step as if nothing happened.

      let me describe stitch by stitch what you’re supposed to do at step 6:
      – You’ve finished step 5,
      – crochet 3sc. Replace your stitch marker. You should still have a total amount of 30sc.
      – Continue at step 7.
      –> that’s it! 🙂

      At step 14, 19 and 29 you do the same, with the amount of sc needed to be crocheted described at each step.

      Please let me know if this worked out for you! Feel free to email me, by the way, my email response is a bit quicker in general. (info @ )

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