Free crochet pattern! Stewie Griffin from Family Guy

For all the Family Guy fans out there: a free Stewie Griffin crochet pattern!

Since I couldn’t find any good Stewie Griffin amigurumi crochet patterns, I decided to make one myself. This pattern is written in English, using both USA as UK crochet terms.

Stewie Griffin

The Stewie doll is approx. 40 centimeters/ 15.7” tall, and 30 centimeters/ 11.8” wide.

Needed stuff to make this pattern:

  • a 4.0mm crochet needle
  • Yarn colors: skin color, light blue, white, black, light yellow, red.
  • Additional: black embroidery thread.

There are no difficult stitches you need to master to be able to crochet this doll, the only thing you need to be able to do is:

  • crochet single crochets (UK: double crochets).
  • increasing and decreasing stitches.
  • embroider the nose, mouth and hair

I do not own the copyright of Stewie or Family Guy, so that’s why I share this pattern with you for free! Feel free to buy an other pattern from my store or donate some yarn if you want to support me in designing new patterns.

Due to copyright, this pattern is for personal use only. Items made from the pattern may not be sold.

You can download the pattern here (.pdf), or here on Ravelry.

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2 Responses to Free crochet pattern! Stewie Griffin from Family Guy

  1. Christy says:

    Hiya the head for stewie that I’m making seems really big, I’m using the UK double crochet version but on row 15 does it really mean double crochet 25 rows?? If u could help please email me thank u x

  2. Joyce says:

    No worries, it’s supposed to be very large! 🙂

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