Free crochet pattern! Bullet Bill from Super Mario

And another free crochet pattern! This time, it’s time to meet Bullet Bill from Super Mario.

The doll will be approx. 25 cm / 10 inch high and wide, and 40 cm / 16 inch long when made with a 4.0mm crochet needle.



You will need the following to make this crochet doll:

  • 4.00mm crochet needle
  • worsted weight yarn in black (100 grams), white (20 grams) and grey (just a little bit, could be a left over from a previous project).
  • a lot of filling material. Really, a lot! I needed to use the filling material I normally use to fill up almost two couch pillows (40x40cm) to get this doll stuffed.

Skill level: easy.

There are no difficult stitches you need to master to be able to make this pattern. You only need to be able to:

  • make a magic ring
  • crochet single crochets (UK: double crochets)
  • crochet double crochets (UK: treble crochets)
  • increase and decrease stitches

The pattern is written using UK and USA crochet terms.

In the pattern, I didn’t use any abbreviations, the pattern exists out of full sentences, describing very clear what you need to do.

You can download the pattern here (.pdf), or here on its Ravelry page.


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